The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar


In a previous blog we discussed the historical backdrop of the Kennedy half dollar and why it has both nostalgic and genuine incentive for American mint piece gatherers. In this blog we will discuss the most significant issue of this coin: the 1964 Kennedy half dollar, including the uncommon Accented Hair assortment.


A Coin Memorial for President Kennedy

At the point when President John F. Kennedy was killed in late November of 1963, the United States went into grieving. A month after his passing, Congress approved the making of a half dollar coin to respect and memorialize him. This coin was immediately planned, in view of a Presidential series award that was at that point in presence, and the U.S. Mint struck it in mid 1964, with the principal coins delivered in March. The president’s better half, Jacqueline Kennedy rolled out one mentioned improvement in the plan. She asked that his hair be marginally changed, and it was.


A large number of these early coins never got the opportunity to flow due to their enthusiastic allure as tokens of an adored president. They sold out on the principal day the mint offered them to the general population and stayed in wardrobes and drawers immaculate for quite a long time. Albeit the mint expanded the quantities of this coin and created a constant flow of them, they stayed scant.

Part of the justification for their fame was additionally their silver substance. The 1964 Kennedy half dollar was 90% silver and 10 percent copper in organization. Because of the great silver substance, they have esteem notwithstanding their numismatic esteem as memorable coins.


The 1964 assortment of this coin is the main year that has a greater part silver substance. Because of expanding silver costs, in 1965 the mint diminished the measure of silver to 40 percent, with the excess 60% being copper. The later issues actually look silver since they are silver plated, however they aren’t as inherently important. In spite of the change, these coins remained very famous with people in general and sold well.


The Accented Hair Variety of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

Since Jacqueline Kennedy mentioned a change to President Kennedy’s hair on the first plan, there is an assortment of this coin that is uncommon and more important. The Accented Hair assortment in fantastic condition is esteemed in the a huge number of dollars. Just 1-2 percent of the evidence sets from this year have this component.


You can decide if your 1964 Kennedy half dollar is the Accented Hair assortment by looking at the hair over the ear. President Kennedy’s face is in profile, or more the ear on the first plan, the hair has a wishbone appearance.

There are a couple other recognizing highlights on this coin. On the front-side of the coin, in a bend over Kennedy’s head is the word LIBERTY. On the left hand side of the letter I, the base seraph is absent. On the opposite of the coin, there is a wrecked beam also. Among the beams behind the bird are a few that are broken and rough for all intents and purposes. These are on the right hand side of the bird among the stars.


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